Our Services

Our mission is provide quality and reliable Regulatory and Good Manufacturing Services to the healthcare industry in Canada.

Our Services include:

  1. Drug Establishment Licence Application
    • Provide Valuable Advice where needed
    • Assist client in application process to obtain the Drug Establishment Licence (DEL)
    • File, Negotiate and maintain DEL Licence for Client
  2. Natural Health Product Site Licence Application
    • Provide Valuable advice where needed
    • Assist client in application process to obtain the Natural Health Product Site License (NHP Site Licence)
    • File, Negotiate and maintain NHP Site Licence for Client
  3. Product Registration and Notification:
    • Over the counter DIN Label review and Application
    • Natural Health Product Licence Label review and Application
    • Cosmetic Product label review and Cosmetic Notification preparation
  4. Good Manufacturing Services
    • Perform Pre and Post GMP audit services
    • Perform 3rd party GMP audit services
    • Quality Manual and Standard Operating Procedure Preparation and Review
  5. Quality Assurance Services
    • Represent client in the Quality Control/Quality Assurance for OTC drug and Natural Health Products activities
    • Perform Pre and Post product quality review and releases
    • Self audit of company‚Äôs warehouse facilities
    • Give valuable advice where needed
    • GMP training where needed